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The online portfolio of multi-disciplinary
visual artist Jayel Draco.

I asked Jayel to animate a music video for one of my songs a couple years ago. He took my basic vision and came up with something more amazing and with more depth than I was even hoping for. His artistry, his creativity and his talent are incredible! You can tell he knows his craft. He's also very professional, open minded to input and has great attention to detail. Jayel truly is a one of a kind artist and I look forward to working with him again someday.

Mike Collins

Designation : Songwriter/Drummer

"Jayel is a most creative artist! His work fits with the music I write and I am inspired to write to his creations. Jayel Rocks!"

Jack Schell – The Soundweaver

Company : thesoundweaver | Jack's Collective
Designation : Owner/Musician | Founder/CEO

"Jayel is nothing short of a genius. His ability to create and conceptualize worlds is unsurpassed. He works non-stop and makes things happen. His abilities are broad and deep. It is an honor to have worked with him and continue to work with him. Jayel Draco creates worlds and invites you into them."

Joe Che

Company : NYIM | Lightning Society
Designation : Founder/CEO | Co-Founder

"Jayel has done some great work for us, on-time and on-budget"

Todd Johnson

Company : SALAR INC | HealthLoop
Designation : Founder/CEO | CEO

"Jayel is an amazing art director, illustrator, animator and collaboration engineer. His talent at hands-on art fabrication, whether in the form of concept sketches, digital designs, animation or sculpture, is only rivaled by his ability to direct, organize, and bring people together under a common creative idea."

Chris Covelli

Designation : Owner/3D Modeler

"Jayel is not only incredibly talented, but he's infinitely patient. He taught me a great deal about After Effects, and I was always amazed with what he could do. He's an amazing artist and animator and I do hope to get the opportunity to work with him again. Anyone who hires him is getting a knowledgeable and fantastic animator."

Erica Schultz

Company : Erica Schultz Writes | ViCES Press
Designation : Owner/Writer/Producer | Co-Founder/Writer/Producer

"A brilliant, passionate artist and a great human being! He collaborated with me for my thesis project and his work was simply great. I wholeheartedly recommend him! Try to catch him now before he'll become too famous."

Carina Rosanna Tautu

Designation : Director/Producer/Writer/Cinematographer

"Jayel Draco is a unique and gifted talent who takes "imagineering" to new frontiers. Never have I met such a creative visual artist that also possesses the complex technical programming capabilities in order to bring his productions vividly to life. Jayel is thoughtful, passionate and compassionate about his clients and their assignments. He dives into the creative process, draws you into it and makes it fun for all. We consider Jayel Draco an integral part of our marketing team and highly recommend him."

John R Kazanjian

Designation : Managing Member

"When I first approached Jayel about revamping my website, I knew it needed a pretty extensive redesign to bring it into the smartphone era. Although I had the basic idea of the elements I wanted for my business needs, Jayel knocked it out of the park with his design sense and technical know-how. I also really appreciated some of the back-and-forth testing he undertook with me to make sure everything flowed from page to page as I'd hoped. He left me with a website that I'm extremely pleased to have represent my company for years to come."

A.J. Schultz

Company : Lightrock Production LLC.
Designation : Editor/Producer

"Working with Jayel has been wonderful! His work is always top notch, his attitude is positive, and his creativity is unparalleled.  As a Cinematographer who has shot multiple films that he has provided VFX for, I am continually impressed with his visual and technical prowess. As a client that Jayel has built a website for, I am thoroughly pleased with his ability to translate my ideas into an elegant and seamless website to showcase my work. He worked with me to build exactly the site I was looking for! Regardless of the medium, Jayel Draco always performs at the highest level, and delivers flawless results!"

Jon Fordham

Designation : Director of Photography

"Jayel and I have been working together for over 10 years - he is my go-to guy for anything to do with either web design or visual effects. His web design is creative, clean and never confusing. His visual effects work for my films, music videos and commercials has been astounding. I have never presented him with an idea that he said he couldn’t do - and he always pulls it off. The best part of his visual effects work is how seamless and unobtrusive it is. To me, the key to good visual effects is when you don’t notice them, and the viewer gets the feeling of watching a great magic trick. “Wait, how’d they DO that?” That’s the feeling I get every time I watch Jayel’s work. I value Jayel’s hard work and friendship, and he is an asset to any production or project he is on."

Chris Piazza

Company : Panopticon NYC
Designation : Director/Director of Photography

"Jayel has designed several promotional pieces for me as well as helped me set up my Wordpress website. Throughout the process, I’ve found him highly professional, responsive, technically knowledgeable, and enormously creatively talented. He provided exactly what I wanted from a design standpoint, and helped set up my Wordpress site to make it affordable and very easy to manage. He is highly recommended."

Jen Williamson

Company : Jen Williamson Copywriting
Designation : Owner/Copywriter

Whether you’re here because you’re an art appreciator, a fan of Jayel’s art, or in the market for creative visual accompaniments on your current project, this portfolio aims to satisfy. Here you can find examples of his wide-ranging multi-disciplinary visual art work. Jayel’s portfolio is divided into three basic categories: Image Work where you’ll find his 2d visual art, Video Work showcasing videos he’s worked on and/or created entirely, and Web Design where you’ll find websites Jayel has built for his various clientele.

Within the portfolio categories, you may notice some overlap as certain themes, styles, techniques, and disciplines prevail throughout. Some of the prevalent disciplines you may notice include:  Animation, VFX, Motion Graphics, Illustration, Character Design, Costume Design, Photography, Photomanipulations, Graphic Design, Vector Graphics, Web Design, and more. Some common themes include science fiction and fantasy featuring cyborgs, robots, warriors, elves, and fairies.

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