Advertisement Illustrations:

The above gallery shows Jayel’s illustration work for advertisements. Some of these adverts are part of a guerrilla-marketing campaign using fictitious products for Oneshi Press, and some of which are for products that have been advertised in our Oneshi Press publications. If you’re interested in commissioning an illustrated advertisement for your company, product or project reach out to me using the contact section.

Livestream Commissions:

A gallery of Livestream Tip based commissions by Jayel Draco. Watch Jayel Draco create these works live at… Throw in a Tip/Donation and he’ll create your illustration at 1 minute per Dollar. Our Oneshi Press patrons get special deals on commissions! BECOME AN ONESHI PRESS PATRON!


This gallery features examples of commissioned Logos & Branding Graphic Design artwork that Jayel has made for corporations, small businesses, and individuals – including; vector logos, splash pages, promotional materials, and more.

As you can see in the ‘Commercials’ section of the Video Work page on this site, Jayel has a a wide range of skills including an ability to create strong graphic design elements as well as commercial video work. Often companies that Jayel has done graphic design work for, he’ll also do commercial video work for as well, which helps to give the company a more seamlessly branded look and feel to their presentation.

Children of Gaia – Illustrations:

These illustrations from Children of Gaia (COG) focus on character and world design for the ongoing fantasy-epic by Oneshi Press. In Rendaraia, where nature, magic, and civilization have long coexisted, strangers of unknown origin have begun to invade. As war rages between the Terran interlopers and Rendaraian natives, the hundreds of unique cultures are now subjected to devastation as their planet is ravaged by an imperial society that has its own rapacious needs back in its own politically divided home. But there is more at work than battles fought over land rights or culture: Rendaraia and its invaders are linked more deeply than any of them realize. Children of Gaia is the story of thousands, told through the eyes of those living through the most turbulent years of a collision of worlds. As some fight to preserve their way of life, others strive to create new traditions, some vie for power, and many battle just to stay alive.

Children of Gaia – Photobashing:

The above gallery shows photomanipulation work by Jayel. These digital composites focus on character and world design for the ongoing work-in-progress “Children of Gaia” a fantasy epic by Oneshi Press. Almost all of these are created from photos that he’s taken himself, including backgrounds comprised of many various photos taken during his travels. He even created the costumes the models are wearing. In some cases, even the plants and mushrooms composited into the backgrounds he grew himself.Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia a compendium of illustration coupled with text which defines the setting, plot and lore of COG, now available


This illustration gallery from PACK focus on character and world design for the ongoing gritty-vigilante, work-in-progress coming soon by Oneshi Press. PACK is a costume crime fighter/vigilante justice comic book about a pack of 6 dogs and 1 man with zero tolerance for abuse of the innocent. Join Patience and his dogs of virtue in this comic-book noir as they prowl the darkest alleys of the Brooklyn night. These lawless back-alley vigilantes make their own justice as they put criminals under the fang. In such dark times, wrought with corruption and violence, the line between hero and villain is blurred. To the PACK it’s simple: theirs is the only acceptable violence, and their retribution is as swift as it is fierce.Pack Issue 1 Humility. A gritty noir tale told through sequential illustration, now Available from Oneshi Press. Click HERE to buy now

Tracy Queen (NSFW):

This collection of illustration work from Tracy Queen focuses on character and world design for the ongoing gonzo sci-fi, work-in-progress coming soon by Oneshi Press, written by Lynsey G and Illustrated by Jayel Draco. Follow Tracy and Nikola, and their p*rn star friends, as they raise an army of cyborg-clone Drones to fight Dickie and his forces of the pr0nz status quo for the s*xual soul of the nation… or take over the world for themselves. Whichever. Theirs is an epic tale of s*x! Drugs! Violence! Cyborgs! Mafia! Espionage! Love! Despair! Feminism! Adult stars! Moral conundrums! KABLOOEY!Tracy Queen Banner - Volume 1, a gonzo adult sci-fi story told through sequential illustration, now available, buy now!

Rough Comps & Sketches

This gallery shows examples for Jayel’s Rough Comps & Sketches – including: finished black and white pieces, character designs, quick comps, preliminary rough work, etc. These Rough Comps & sketches run through a variety of projects, some for hire, some for his personal portfolio. Most notably, the majority of his sketches focus on character and world design for the ongoing work-in-progress “Children of Gaia” a fantasy epic coming soon by Oneshi Press.

Beam Divider - extra long - by Jayel Draco

Also check out Jayel’s Video Work & Web Design portfolios.

Beam Divider - extra long - by Jayel Draco

For information regarding commissions, please contact Jayel via:
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