Jayel Draco’s Illustration Commissions Portfolio

Jayel Draco has many years of experience with doing commissions. Jayel is available to do commissions for any illustration work including but not limited to advertising campaigns, logos, corporate mascots, emotes, stream panels, full illustrations, and album covers… etc. In general, he’s comfortable with doing NSFW commissions. However, he reserves the right to refuse any commission that he is not comfortable with for any reason.

Beam Divider - extra long - by Jayel Draco

Advertisement Illustrations:

Ancient History fangirl Podcast Illustrated banner

Website banner for The Ancient History fangirl Podcast at by Jayel Draco

The above gallery shows Jayel’s illustration work for advertisements. Some of these adverts are part of a guerrilla-marketing campaign using fictitious products for Oneshi Press, and some of which are for products that have been advertised in our Oneshi Press publications. If you’re interested in commissioning an illustrated advertisement for your company, product or project reach out to me using the contact section.

Beam Divider - extra long - by Jayel Draco


WKDwest Wicked Wares Funguise Figurines Logo by Jayel Draco


This gallery features examples of commissioned Logos & Branding Graphic Design artwork that Jayel has made for corporations, small businesses, and individuals – including; vector logos, splash pages, promotional materials, and more.

As you can see in the ‘Commercials’ section of the Video Work page on this site, Jayel has a a wide range of skills including an ability to create strong graphic design elements as well as commercial video work. Often companies that Jayel has done graphic design work for, he’ll also do commercial video work for as well, which helps to give the company a more seamlessly branded look and feel to their presentation.

Beam Divider - extra long - by Jayel Draco

Livestream Commissions:

A gallery of Livestream Tip based commissions by Jayel Draco. Watch Jayel Draco create these works live at… Throw in a Tip/Donation and he’ll create your illustration at $1 per minute of live-drawing, 20 minutes minimum, only available when Jayel is doing Tip-Commissions, please ask first. Our Oneshi Press patrons get special deals on commissions! BECOME AN ONESHI PRESS PATRON!

Beam Divider - extra long - by Jayel Draco

The Commission Process:

For information regarding commissions, please contact Jayel via:
Please include either something along the lines of “Commission Work”  in the emails subject line. Please tell me the details of your project, what you’re looking to have done, what it will be used for and what your time-frame is, and whether or not you have a specific budget in mind for it. I will get back to you as soon as possible and work on creating a quote for your project.

Beam Divider - extra long - by Jayel DracoAlso check out Jayel’s Video Work & Web Design portfolios.

Jayel is also available to do web design & motion-graphics/animation work, however these tend to be long term projects that get rather expensive. Please only contact him about this kind of work you have a budget for it.