Tracy Queen and Nikola Raccoon lead their robot army of cyborg clones into the battlefield with kickstarter rewards

Tracy Queen and Nikola lead their army of cyborg clones into the battlefield with kickstarter rewards. Click the image to find out more about it!

Beam Divider - extra long - by Jayel Draco

photomanipulation - designer realities - selfie pixie - banner - by Jayel Draco
Web Design - by Jayel Draco
photomanipulation - Designer realities - dryads hope - banner - by Jayel Draco
website design - Panopticon NYC - banner - by Jayel Draco
vfx - green screen - compositing - banner - by Jayel Draco
concept sketches - graphite - banner - by Jayel Draco
photomanipulation - The Clubs - banner - by Jayel Draco
photomanipulation - Designer Realities - dailee - banner - by Jayel Draco
Graphic Design - From the SOL - Tree of Life - By Jayel Draco
concept sketches - pen and ink - night raid - banner - by Jayel Draco

The online portfolio of multi-disciplinary visual artist Jayel Draco.

Here you can find examples of Jayel Draco’s wide-ranging multi-disciplinary visual art work. Jayel’s portfolio is divided into three basic categories: Image Work where you’ll find his 2D visual art, Video Work showcasing videos he’s worked on and/or created entirely, and Web Design where you’ll find websites Jayel has built for his various clientele.

Within the portfolio categories, you may notice some overlap as certain themes, styles, techniques and disciplines prevail throughout. Some of the prevalent disciplines you may notice include:  Animation, VFX, Motion Graphics, Illustration, Character Design, Costume Design, Photography, Photomanipulations, Graphic Design, Vector Graphics, Web Design, and more. Some common themes include science fiction and fantasy featuring cyborgs, robots, warriors, elves, and fairies. Please feel free to contact Jayel with any questions. Enjoy!Beam Divider - extra long - by Jayel DracoPack Issue 1 Humility. Now Available from Oneshi Press. Click HERE to buy now

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