Band Art

Band Art by Jayel Draco

Band Art - Beam Divider by Jayel Draco
The above “Band Art” gallery shows examples of commissioned artwork that Jayel has made for Bands and Musicians, including; album art, promotional materials, and merchandise.

As you can see in the Music Video section of the Video Work page on this site, Jayel has an affinity for working with musicians to find a coupling between the audio and visual for a balanced creative expression. Often bands that Jayel has done Music Video work for, he’ll also do Album Art and Promotional Materials for as well, which helps to give the band a more branded feel to their presentation.

For information regarding prints and/or commissions, please contact Jayel via: jayeldraco@hotmail.com
Please include either something along the lines of “Prints” or “Commissions”  in the emails subject line.