Lau-Lau Ucoravurakesh Priestess

Lau-Lau Ucoravurakesh Priestess by JayelDraco on deviantart.com
Lau-Lau Ucoravurakesh Priestess
by JayelDraco on deviantART

Faethropology™ – FEYthrəˈpäləjē –Noun

  1. The study of Faekind, in particular.
  2. The comparative study of Fae societies and cultures and their development.


The Ucoravurakesh™ are a race of Fae similar enough in outward appearance to the average Elvereshaian™. Like the Phyrexians™, the Ucoravurakesh have had a many centuries old tradition of using animagi transfiguration to emulate their avian spirit animal, the Coravurinna™. They are often, but not always, born somewhat transfigured, typically with wings. As they reach puberty they steadily gain more control over their transfiguration to the point where they can grow their wings or make them disappear altogether, along with talons, feathers, and even beaks. The Ucoravurakesh live in nests high up in the arbors of the Coravakachee™. They rarely wear actual clothing; instead they prefer to keep themselves light and exposed, free to sprout feathers, and feel the winds. They often wear pocketed shoulder straps with small satchels and/or gear belts. What they do consider proper clothing for themselves, many would call jewelry, ie: fringed necklaces and fringed belts etc. Their finer gear is often stolen or bribed from trade convoys who use the forest floor below to travel from Arilyness™ to Borgeradaia™. They accept and even expect trade convoys to bribe them with fine gifts in exchange for not raiding the convoy’s goods, as well as for guiding them through the forest to their destination–if the bribes are fine enough. They are fierce warriors, typically preferring to use their own beaks and talons (which they usually only grow when they’re fighting or in certain ritual ceremonies) over any kind of conventional weapons. – children-of-gaia.com


Model: Lauren Grace
Costume, Photography, Photomanipulation & Layout: JayelDraco
JayelDraco © 2013 All Rights Reserved

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All resources are mine and were photographed by me except the stock listed below.

by Nexu4
white swan - stock wings by Nexu4

by HKstock
Monterey Jelly Fish by HKstock

by zememz
Mushrooms Pack 2 by zememz

by redheadstock
Spanish Moss Brushes by redheadstock


Here is a link to the photographic breakdown of primary layers used for this image:
Lau-Lau Ucoravurakesh Priestess - Break Down by JayelDraco


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