Galapagos Art Space to debut Cockroach Hotel

Cockroach Hotel – Debuts at Galapagos Art Space

panopticonnyc.com - Jigsaw Soul's Cockroach Hotel debuts at Galapagos Art Space Galapagos LOGO Pink and black on WhiteThe Panopticon NYC’s music video “Cockroach Hotel” for Jigsaw Soul has just been completed and will have it’s debut this Saturday night (5/10/2008) at Galapagos Art Space in Williamsburg Brooklyn starting at 10pm After Jigsaw plays an amazing set. Shortly thereafter I’ll be putting it up on my website in the videos section as well as the Panopticon NYC’s website which I’ve designed as well. It’s been a long haul with this video, so many extremely talented people have put so much into it. Writer/Director Christopher Piazza has done his ever sprawling legend justice here. The well known Director of Photography Jon Fordham’s intense visual styling makes it impossible not to be sucked into to the vision. As for Jigsaw Soul well, They rock just as well on the screen as they do coming from the speakers. I am extremely proud to have been a part of this productions.

Jigsaw Soul's Cockroach Hotel debuts at Galapagos Art SpaceAs for my involvement with the production:
It started off with Chris asking me to advise him on some specific special effects shot. From there my involvement steadily grew. I ended up Prop Master, Prop Fabricator, Set Decorator, Art Director, and Special Effects Supervisor onset for the shoot days. In post production My special effects bundle delivered Standard Green Screen and Irregular Compositing, Particle Effects, And CG Animation. I’ll hold off on saying too much about what all that specifically entails until the video has had it’s proper debut.

Within a few short months I was free of the obsession that this project had become,
however I do suspect the pride will linger.

Jigsaw Soul's Cockroach Hotel debuts at Galapagos Art Space

Jonah Byrd: Vocals, Guitar, Hammered and Mountain Dulcimers /Joe Che: Bass, Theremin /Chris Slowey: Drums, Trumpet, Percussion /Chris Piazza: Live Video Editing /Choreography, Dancers, back up vocals: Mary Madsen and Stephanie Sutherland

Brooklyn based multimedia indie music whirlwind, incorporating original film and modern dance. Well constructed songs backed by sensory explosion and interaction.
A unique visual and auditory spectacle. “Aural Cinematography is Dancing In Your Head”

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