COG: The Eternals of Gaia

The ten Eternals of Gaia - From Oneshi Press': Children of Gaia - Illustrated by Jayel Draco
Oneshi Press subscribers can click the image to download The Eternals of Gaia

The Eternals of Gaia are the ten guiding spirits of life. Some believe them to be as old as Gaia herself, perhaps her own compartmentalized spirit manifestations. Some believe them to be older than Gaia, that perhaps they were there for her creation. Their names and visages vary from culture to culture, sometimes even from person to person.

Over the course of ten impromptu live-streams from his channel, twitch.tv/jayeldraco, Jayel has illustrated these portraits of all ten of the Eternals of Gaia from the immersive Children of Gaia universe. Anyone subscribed to the Oneshi Press campaign on Patreon at the Helper level or higher can download the full packet here: patreon.com/posts/children-of-gaia-6899991. This download packet includes all ten full-resolution illustrations (print quality, 8.5″ x 11″, 300 dpi) of the Eternals of Gaia, as well as a .pdf explaining what the Eternals are, and who each one is individually.

This is just one of many downloads that are included in the various rewards/perks of subscribing to patreon.com/oneshipress. Oneshi press will continue to release new works from Children of Gaia, Tracy Queen, and PACK. By subscribing, you’re not only opting in to get these exclusive rewards/perks, you’re also helping our ability to continue producing an increasing volume of higher quality works.


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