Franatia the Faun

FRANATIA THE FAUN - costume, photography, and photomanipulation by Jayel Draco

Franatia the Faun by ~JayelDraco on deviantART

Franatia, the faun,  is a retainer to the High Priestess of Nurida the patron Eternals (Ordos chief deity) of the forests. She is spry and cheeky but tends to come across as shy and trepidatious. She is a hunter swift and silent. She is deadly with whip fast wrath targeting any who disrespect the serenity of her woods.


Model: Francesca Salamone

Concept, Costume, Directing, Primary Photography, Photomanipulation & Digital paint by ~JayelDraco

Photography Assistance & Additional reference photography by ~Blackscarab333 :iconblackscarab333:


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A clean silhouette is a clean composite: When cutting apart your stock it’s often quite helpful to use a layer mask so you can fine tune and tweak your cutting. Once your subject is neatly cut out, applying a subtle blur to your layer mask (the b&w alpha channel itself)</> will soften your edges and help it blend with the layer below it. I hope this TIP was helpful.


As always, I will thank you kindly for your much appreciated questions, comments and suggestions. . .
However, PLEASE RESPECT THE MODEL (and the forests) or you just might end up with an arrow stuck in yer rump.

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