Happy Holidays from Oneshi Press!

Howdy! Lynsey G and Jayel Draco are excited about some upcoming releases and big news on the horizon for 2017, but in the tail end of 2016, it’s important for us to reflect with gratitude. Happy Holidays! This message was made for our Patron/Subscribers on our Patreon campaign at patreon.com/oneshipress . . . However, anyone who’s so much as liked, commented on, or shared one of our Oneshi Press posts has helped us. Every time you interact with one of our social media posts, you’re actually letting the algorithms of the interweb know that this is something people are interested in and in turn, it gets shown to more people. The more people that see our projects, the more of a chance we have at gaining more supporters. The more supporters we have, the more we can do! So here’s to you!

Wishing you Happy Holidays, and an awesome New Year! 

Thank you so much for all of your support! We can’t do this without you!

Tracy Queen - Happy Holidays 2016!Also, here’s a racy little Happy Holidays & Seasons Greetings from one of our Oneshi Press projects, the eponymous Tracy Queen. It’s a bit on the risqué side, so if you’re faint of heart, there’s no need to click that link.   If you like art that pulls no punches while it celebrates quirky fun and the sensuality of the human body, then maybe Tracy Queen is for you! In addition to the blog post, we also live-streamed the digital illustration of the featured image. For those that didn’t catch the live-stream, you can check out a recording of it on youtube: Tracy Queen – Happy Holidays! Live-Stream, although it’s obviously better live so you can chat with Jayel and Lynsey while the art is being created. Enjoy!

Once again, thank you so much!

May your holidays be happy & your New Year be awesome!


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