making noise with Great Nations

The Oneshi Press team has been doing its best to promote our first book, and it’s starting to make some noise!

Check this Noise: "Children of Gaia: The Great Nations" of Rendaraia is a Five Star Readers' Favorite!
“The Great Nations of Rendaraia is the sort of book you tuck away with the most treasured novels in your library, removing it from the shelf every now and then simply to admire it. “—Caitlin Lyle Farley

Read more of this sweet review of Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia on Readers’ Favorite, where it was awarded with the coveted Five Star Readers’ Favorite award! Talk about making noise…

The Missoulian made some noise for Great Nations!The Missoulian gave Great Nations a fantastic write-up both online and in print:

“Science fiction and fantasy epics are exercises in world-building. That’s what Jayel Draco and his collaborators are doing with The Great Nations of Rendaraia, an art book that catalogs the people and culture of an intricate world, only to see its civilizations topple one by one.”—Cory Walsh

Read more of what the Missoulian had to say here.

We all made some noise on Adrian Has IssuesLynsey G and I were interviewed about the Children of Gaia series, The Great nations of Rendaraia, and Oneshi Press on the wildly entertaining, nerdcore, pop-culture podcast Adrian Has Issues. Well all made some fun noise together on this one!

“Oneshi Press is an independent publishing company founded by writer/editor Lynsey G and multimedia visual artist Jayel Draco. Together, they have produced fantasy and sci-fi graphic novels, comic books and art books. Their projects include Tracy Queen, PACK and the Children of Gaia series, the latter of which is the focus of this week’s episode. Jayel and Lynsey describe creating such a massive, sprawling universe nearly 20 years in the making. They also stress the importance of being a “student of pop culture” in an effort to develop a culturally inclusive and progressive fantasy world.”

Listen to the podcast (Episode 94) here.

Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia now availableGrab your copy! Right now, the book is available for purchase directly through the Oneshi Press website! You can place an order directly with us for a signed trade paperback, or a signed, numbered, limited-edition hardcover. For the hardcover we only printed 50, and we’re already down to half our stock. Prices will go up as stock diminishes, so act fast. We’ll ship it off to you with some extra goodies included, and I’m happy to sign it and even personalize the inscription according to your wishes! Oh, and if you subscribe to our Patreon campaign first, you can take a discount on your book equal to the amount of your monthly pledge!

If you don’t want to spring for the signed version and all that Patreon stuff, don’t worry! You can also order an unsigned trade paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Powell’s, or Book Depository.

Help us make some noise! Regardless of where you ordered from, once you’ve got your book and have had time to check it out, you can help us tremendously by leaving a brief review of it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and/or Goodreads!

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