Music Video for: History Lessons by Dinosaur Feathers – Part 02

Here’s a second update on a previously mentioned project I’ve been working on.
The music video for the song “History Lessons” by Dinosaur Feathers directed by Christopher Piazza, featuring Animation, Pupeteering, and VFX by Jayel Draco.

So the Studio shoot day on Jan.23 went really well. There where a couple of snags on production side that where quickly circumvented with cleaver spur of the moment problem solving. The shooting it’s self was excellent we captured everything we need on schedule despite delays. When we finally got the footage back a couple weeks ago, everything was crisp, in focus and as planned. The “R3D cam” it was shot with was an incredible piece of high tech whoopass. Editor Andy Giles cut a rough edit of the video and gave us the specific footage for compositing and effects.

The main bulk of green screen compositing went well. If I didn’t do the compositing myself, I might assume it was practical effects. It’s amazing what a difference ultra high res footage makes.

The animation went REALLY well. Corinne put together a library of animated elements and illustrations for me to put together in to scene which where used as background plates. The background plates then had the hero character composited in for the “Trippy Dream Sequence” . I got say I’m proud of it and can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

For now, it’s all back in the hands of Writer/Director Chris Piazza and Editor Andy Giles.
I’m certain that for the sake of the final edit, we’ll end up having to swap out some of our footage, but that’s to be expected and wont take long.

Looking forward to being able to invite you to the premiere.

Keep Rockin. . .

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