Tracy Queen is coming

Tracy Queen and Nikola Raccoon lead their robot army of cyborg clones into the battlefield with kickstarter rewards

Tracy Queen and Nikola lead their army of cyborg clones into the battlefield with kickstarter rewards. Click the image to find out more about it!

Beam Divider - extra long - by Jayel DracoThat’s right, Team Oneshi is launching a kickstarter campaign for Tracy Queen. Written by award winning author, Lynsey G, and illustrated by Jayel Draco, Tracy Queen is a Sci-Fi, sex-positive, feminist, action-hero, who creates an army of cyborg-clones on her quest for liberation. The kickstarter campaign represents our quest, to bring it to you, but we can’t do it without your help. Here’s our KTacy Queen Kickstarter info video:

Beam Divider - extra long - by Jayel DracoThe following is a clip from a Q&A we did on my livestream at, where Lynsey explains why Tracy Queen is important. Ignore me, I was just listening to Lynsey’s beautiful answer before preparing to give my own.

in Lynsey’s words:

She’s a feminist. She’s a warrior. She’s sex-positive. She’s incredibly intelligent yet hopelessly naive, simultaneously paranoid and idealistic, at once simple and conflicted, visionary and messy, problematic but trying really hard…and unapologetically horny. Tracy upends the narratives we’re used to hearing by being, ultimately, herself. And “herself” is a very unique individual, indeed.

Beam Divider - extra long - by Jayel DracoThe Kickstarter page starts off with our promo video that we made to explain a little bit more of Tracy’s flavor(linked above). Then the page goes on to explain a bit about Tracy, why we’re doing this, what we need to get it done and what you get for helping us, as well as who is involved in the project.
Please check it out and share it with your friends.



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