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Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter Round 2 ReLaunch!

Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter

To save himself, he may have to save us all. How tedious.

Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter is a wacky zombie-apocalypse comedy set in a modern-day fantasy world. Our reluctant half-goblin hero, Mr. Guy, has to save us all from this pandemic if he hopes to save himself. Each chapter is paired with a different illustrator, giving this ongoing story rich variations in flavor to keep you hungry to turn them zesty pages.

We’re ReLaunching our Kickstarter for Act 1 of Mr. Guy from August 10th to September 10th, along with Oneshi Presses 10th Comics Anthology, Origins. You’ll also be able to get a ton of other great rewards for your pledges, including Oneshi Press Comics Anthologies 1-9.

“Dude, suckin’ at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.”

― Jake the Dog (Adventure Time)

Omigosh, y’all! We got so far in our first attempt to Kickstart Mr. Guy! We got 7k out of our 10k goal. Unfortunately, since we didn’t make our goal, no cards were charged…but we got a lot of attention to Mr. Guy and learned a lot. We listened to all of our feedback, then asked for more feedback and listened to that too. We did a lot of homework, reading, and research and completely revamped our campaign. We figured out how to get more rewards into our backers hands at lower prices without hurting ourselves. Granted, we are taking on a little more of the up-front expense than we’d original hoped to, but we’re confident that we can make our goal and start hitting our stretch goals to wipe away that up-front expense. The main strategy on these sorts of campaigns is to fund the production of a project with pre-sales. We’ve partnered with more people to figure out lower-cost, higher-value rewards–that means you get a better deal for backing this project.

Zee Bros: Zombie Exterminators Volume 1 .pdf novel by Grivante

A big part of our strategy this time around involves picking up where the last one left off. If we can get a large percentage of the people who backed the last campaign (which failed and they were never charged for) to re-pledge to this campaign in the first 24 hours, we’ll land in the double category of both “Just Getting Starting” as well as “Likely to Succeed.” This double category placement will get us significantly more exposure on Kickstarter to other people who have never heard of us or Mr. Guy before. Then we’ll stay in the “Likely to Succeed” category for the duration of the month, which will continue to aid our visibility and boost our signal. Then, at the end of the month, we’ll double category again in both “Likely to Succeed” as well as “Ending Soon,” which will give us a giant boost. There’s also a few other categories this can trip in our favor, but it’s all highly reliant on getting those re-pledges and even as many new pledges as possible in the first 24 hours.

Custom Zombies Designed for our first five backersOn top of your pledge making it more likely for us to succeed, we’re giving you extra incentive to back early. All backers in the first 24 hours ONLY will receive a .PDF copy of ZEE Brothers: Zombie Exterminators, Vol. 1, a zombie apocalypse novel by Grivante! Plus, the first five backers will win a special prize: a unique zombie designed just for them by your truly!

Here’s a little more Mr. Guy hype for you in the form of podcasts!Adrian Has Issues Podcast Episode Number 157

Back in early July, I was a guest on the Adrian Has issues Podcast to talk about Mr. Guy for the first campaign. It’s a fun listen.

“This week’s episode features multimedia visual artist and Oneshi Press co-founder Jayel Draco. Jayel and Adrian engage in an irreverent yet poignant conversation about Oneshi’s latest project, Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter. The story revolves around a wisecracking half-goblin determined to cure himself of a zombie infection…and possibly save the world in the process. While discussing the book’s themes and origins, Jayel examines the nature of parody and meta humor in storytelling and Adrian learns a valuable lesson about life thanks to gelatin-encased foodstuffs known as aspic. Oh, and the Red Baron makes an appearance or two. Why? You’ll have to listen in and find out!”

Together, Lynsey G and I had the pleasure of being guests on the FTO Nerd Talk Podcast. We talk about Mr. Guy, inspirations, production ideas, the industry at large, Tracy Queen, PACK, and more. You can just click “play” and listen to that right here in the above player.

Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter ReLaunch on Kickstarter

Mr. Guy and the Origins Comics Anthology relaunches on Kickstarter 8/10 -9/10.
We’re gonna be un-live-streaming 4pm Mountain Time on twitch.tv/jayeldraco on Monday, August 10th! Join us to celebrate the launch!

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