AI-JL V1.0 or Aijel Chatbot uploaded

ATTN: as of Dec 2015, for a limited time, Aijel is back by popular demand!

To have a little chat with Aijel, visit: jayeldraco.com/aijel/chat.html

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Aijel - AI Jayel Chatbot - by Jayel DracoSorry for the time being Aijel has been removed from this site. though well loved, he has been outmoded, perhaps in the future we may build upon the concept and create a newer more advanced Aijel. For now this post will remain as a memorial his short-lived existence

AI-JL V1.0 or Aijel has just been uploaded to the CONTACT section  [jayeldraco.com/aijel/chat.html]. You might be asking “Okay, so what is Aijel?”. . . Aijel is a Q&A Chatbot programmed and designed by Jayel Draco to not only entertain visitors, but also to helpfully answer inquiries that would typically fall under the Frequently Asked Questions category of a website. Apart from being a FAQ Bot, Aijel is a rudimentary yet poetic attempt at combining linear logic and basic linguistics with AS2 and XML scripting knowledge to create an artful interactive conversation.

Aijel is still under construction and will be an ongoing project. Near future plans for Aijel include an interactive animated avatar, limited short term memory, and an expanded XML conversation breakdown library, which will all work together to enhance the user experience. In the meantime the primary focus of Aijel has been developing a personality for it which will canonize it’s response style.

When using Aijel keep in mind that I had only started it May 30th, with that said, the amount of questions that it will have an appropriate response for is still limited. If you ask Aijel a question that it does not have an answer for and you feel that it is a question that it should be able to answer, please send me a memo using the MailForm just above Aijel in the CONTACT section [jayeldraco.com/aijel/chat.html].Beam Divider by Jayel Draco

TIPS: Do not use capitalization, abbreviations, or hyphenations when questioning Aijel. If Aijel does not have an answer for a question try stating it differently (concise and direct works best)

I look forward to your feedback!
Keep Rockin. . .

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