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TVHead and all his weirdness persists

TVHead and Jayel Draco on hanging out on the Mars Colony setIt seems that I’ve neglected some self promotion duties as of late , but thankfully good friends look out for each other mutually.  One such mutual friendship that I am grateful to have is with Jack Schell, who recently posted TVHead at mytoons.com. TVHead was featured and is viewable at http://www.mytoons.com/animation/play/20038. If you’d like to support out endeavors, please do follow the link, join mytoons (takes less than a minute) and rate TVHead for us.

Again, my thanks to Jack for posting it! By the way, if you haven’t already please check out Jack Schells website that Corinne Alexis Hall and I have designed and built thesoundweaver.com. I’ve worked with Jack numerous time using his fantastic soundweaving to couple with my various animation projects. His works are ripe for film, animation, and video game scores. I can present him with something totally corporate, or as weird as this short animation, and he’ll having something for it, or come up with something.

Hailing from “beyond the depths of the ethereal plains, where nightmares and dreams begin”, TVHead is a stop motion animation puppet with a composited video screen featuring his face, played by yours truly. The backgrounds are a combination of sculpture composited with video and digital effects.

If you need to feel weird about something, you can watch TVHead below:

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