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Howdy y’all,
just wanted to drop you a quick update about something new I’ve added to the mix of projects that I’ll be working on. I’ve teamed up with the talented writer Lynsey G on quite a few projects already including PACK and Tracy Queen. Lynsey, in addition to several exciting projects as well as keeping her own periodical website lynseyg.com also writes articles for Luna Luna Mag, and now has a new column for NERVE.COM. So far I’ve done the following three simple, hard line, and flat colored Illustrations for three of Lynsey’s interview articles.

Lynsey G Interviews Erica Schultz by Jayel Draco
Lynsey G Interviews Erica Schultz for Luna Luna Magazine Illustrated by Jayel Draco

Comics Creator Erica Schultz: Comics Are Supposed To Be For Everybody

“I went to New York Comic Con this year, on the hunt for female comics creators: writers, artists, inkers, and publishers. I’m happy to report that the indie booths and Artists’ Alley areas were fairly swarming with them, and I was thrilled to sit down with Erica Schultz, the co-creator and writer of M3 and The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: A Documentary, and writer for Marvel’s Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne. Here’s what one of the hardest-working, most ass-kicking women in comics had to say…” ~Lynsey G~

Click Here to read the full article on lunalunamag.com

Lynsey G Interviews Enrica Jang by Jayel Draco
Lynsey G Interviews Enrica Jang for Luna Luna Magazine Illustrated by Jayel Draco

Comics Creator & Entrepreneur Enrica Jang: “Don’t do it because it scares you, do it because it’s worth it.”

“I sat down at New York Comic Con with Enrica Jang, writer of numerous comics, editor of many literary and music-based graphic anthologies (Shakespeare Shaken, Killer Queen, Poe Twisted, and Unfashioned Creatures) and founding publisher of Red Stylo Media. We talked about wanting to be “one of the guys” in comics, entrepreneurship, Frankenstein, Nip/Tuck, and Eleanor Roosevelt…” ~Lynsey G~

Click Here to read the full article on lunalunamag.com

Lynsey G interviews Tina Horn by Jayel Draco
Lynsey G interviews Tina Horn for NERVE.COM Illustrated by Jayel Draco

Inside the Insatiable Mind of Sexuality Podcast Host Tina Horn

“Tina Horn’s feminist, kink-friendly, body- and sex-positive work as an all-purpose media maker has been expanding my mind about all things sex since 2010. When I set out to expand more minds with “Dispatches from a Dark Corner,” she was the first person whose big, sexy brain I wanted to pick. Her newish podcast, “Why Are People Into That?!” excites my inner sex geek to a near frenzy. A sort of portal into the minds of kinksters, fetishists, and experts, the podcast delves deep into where certain sexual proclivities and practices get their appeal. I sat down to talk to Tina at my home in Brooklyn, with illustrator Jayel Draco on hand, to talk about the podcast, spanking expertise, delighting in dirty talk, the allure of boobs, train boners, and squirting…” ~Lynsey G~

Click Here to read the full article on nerve.com

I intend to keep this up with Lynsey and hopefully also get a few commissions from other writers to do Illustrations for their articles. Esthetically as well as thematically they’re different from the rest of my personal work, which helps me utilize and show some of my versatility as an artist.  Additionally it could help get my work to more people who might not have otherwise been exposed to it. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing it, and I hope you enjoyed or will enjoy reading those articles.
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