Interview about Tracy Queen published in Luna Luna Magazine

Tracy Queen & Dickie Doublefinger's smart phone conversation
Tracy Queen & Dickie Doublefinger’s smart phone conversation

It’s my pleasure to share with you the interview with Tracy Queen writer and myself did with Luna Luna magazine’s Editor in Chief Lisa Marie Basile.

We cover our inspirations, creative process, intent with working on the project and more!

Here’s a little teaser snippet from the article:

Get ready for something you’ve never seen before. Ever, really. For those who love good sex, feminism, sci-fi, gangsters and fights to take over the world, TRACY QUEEN – a forthcoming graphic novel – may be for you. The only issue is it’s not out yet, but the creators are steadily working to bring you an epic story of body and idea. The graphic novel was written by Lynsey G – our own Luna Luna contributor – with art by Jayel Draco and lettering by Erica Schultz.

According to the Tracy Queen site, which packs loads of information and images, “The novel tells the story of a self-made, independent adult star with a penchant for feminism, an eye on world domination, and an army of cyborg-clones she created using “samples” collected at gangbangs. As her power, fame, and profits grow, the forces of conventional pr0nz gather against her, her gangster grandfather meddles in all of her affairs, and her humanity is found, lost, and found again.” You can find the synopsis of the book here, character bios here, a list of the of real-life adult industry stars who appear in the story here, and more about the creators here.

I talked with Lynsey and Jayel about their project, which, if you realistically think about it, really will change how we interact with text, image and ideas about sexuality.

Go read the rest at Luna Luna! Also, please visit the Tracy Queen website. Enjoy!

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