“Jayel versus Akuma”

Jayel vs. Akuma – The latest animation by Jayel Draco.

Jayel vs. Akuma - Animation“Jayel Versus Akuma” is a short animated parody Jayel vs. Akuma - Animation - Akuma Portraitexpressing the power inherent in being an animator. This animation is a reel piece intended to show of some of my flashy animation and compositing techniques, as well as Corinnes character Illustration and Jacks music. Truly this was done for fun, and fun was had.
Written, Directed Animated by:
Jayel Draco – www.jayeldraco.com.
Co-Animated and Illustrated by:
Corinne Alexis Hall – www.corinnealexishall.com.

Music by:
Jack Schell – www.thesoundweaver.com.

*Note: I do realize that Akuma is absolutely badass. . .
If he were real, and I were to fight him for real, I probably would not fair quite as well. Thankfully, in this scenario, I was animating him, so he didn’t stand a chance.

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