New pieces added to my image gallery!

Just a little update about some new pieces that I’ve added to my gallery:

The first one is “Verse of MaryBlue” was a photomanipulation illustration. Which essentially means that I used photographic texture reference to create the image with photoshop. I also made the costume that Mary (the model) is wearing. Artist/Designer Corinne Alexis Hall worked with me on the set decoration, hair/makeup and photography.
This is a piece that I am particularly proud of. Many hours of tedious pixel painting, vector tweaking, and chaos math engineered fractals went into making this piece.

A Verse of Mary Blue by Jayel Draco
A Verse of Mary Blue by Jayel Draco

I chose to use a particularly moody photo from a very light hearted and fun shoot for this manip.  Mary is an excellent dancer with a high metabolism. She has an intense spirit and I’m used to her radiating intense joy, creativity and fun. It was very interesting for me to explore seeing her in a light that she doesn’t often portray. Interestingly enough not long after this photo was taken she had knee surgery and had to take time off from dancing and spent allot of time in her room while recovering. Her description of how she felt, was eerily akin to the way I was synchronistically depicting her in this “Verse of MaryBlue”.


Kit Kact Nomi Too! by Jayel Draco
Kit Kact Nomi Too! by Jayel Draco

“Kit Cat Nomi Too!” is another one of my many Homage to Klaus Nomi works. Nomi was the primary stage character of the late Klaus Sperber. As with many of the truly great characters, the human responisble for their initial inception may pass on, but the charater is immortal and will live on through those who remember.

Amongst other talents, the model, Kit Cat, is a talented burlesque performer. Kit Cat has been a long time fan of Klaus Nomi, So I found it fitting that this piece be a burlesque homage. It’s been rumored that she may even do a Nomi homage burlesque performance. . .

How Do You Nomi? by Jayel Draco
How Do You Nomi? by Jayel Draco

“How Do You Nomi?” is one of my many Homage to Klaus Nomi works.
This one also modeled by the talented Kit Cat

Kit Kat Nomi concept Sketch by Jayel Draco

Kit Kat Nomi concept Sketch by Jayel Draco

This piece is a concept sketch for “How Do You Nomi?”, a photoshoot that I’ve had in mind for a little while now. The composition and poses here are more or less insignificant to the piece as interaction with model tends to allow for a superior organic development. I illustrated this to send to the model to give here an idea of what we’ll be wearing/doing. Even though it’s just a concept sketch, I’m happy with the way it came out, so I decided to post it. The idea of the piece is a sort of Klaus Nomi reference in the form of a glamour/lingerie/burlesque photoshoot. It will end up being a photomanipulation piece. The costume is finished and the shoot is scheduled.


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