Making of Elevenses

Neil Halstead - singing and playing guitar in the "Elevenses" music videoThe latest music video that I worked on with Director Christopher Piazza for Neil Halstead’s “Elevenses” was a fun down and dirty job. My job was threefold. My first task was collaborating with Chris to figure out how to make the special effects in his video idea work using less than $100. My second task was to make the costume fast and cheap then stand by on set as Wardrobe, Art department and effects director. The third part of my task, on the post-production side,  was using compositing techniques along with some fancier cgi sorcery to compose some quick effects that look top grade. I’d say it was a fun project to have worked on.


Making of Elevenses by Neil Halstead - Jayel Draco fitting Ghost Costume on ActorThe Premiere of the behind the scenes is currently being shown on the front page of 99 Dollar Music Videos. The video itself will premiere on their website Thursday April 30th 2009.

Making of Elevenses on Youtube:

“Making of Elevenses” | 99DollarMusicVideo

or you can watch it here now:

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