Blog and Image Gallery Updates

jayeldraco.com worpress blog screenshot 2009So I’ve updated my Blog and Gallery. I’m pretty happy with their new look and navigation. The Blog and Gallery are .php programs that are highly editable. My Blog and Gallery are unique to my website . Yay! but Urghhhh!  It can be quite aggravating to alter website programming in .php (perhaps not for a programmer, but for me it’s a bit daunting at times).  .php is a matrix of files that reference each other and other peripheral and/or external files and write to/read from databases. A major sting altering .php can leave one dreading is just how often, when it’s almost perfect, the final touch added can cause everything to  disappear or stop working. Nonetheless, with steadfast concentration perseverance is inevitable. Right now, I just spent the day hammering out some ruthless  bugs in my Gallery. It’s done for the most part aside from a few minor adjustments that need to be made. Anyway, It’s working and I like the way it’s looking. . . That’s a good start. I’d love some feed back on it.

I really hope you like it.

jayeldraco.com gallery Logo 2009My site is not just a place that I show my art,
my site itself is also a work in progress art piece.

Keep Rockin. . .

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