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n2 - Numbers and Narrative - header logo - by Jayel DracoEntrepreneurs in the Midst: Stories from Founders, Creators, and Builders

Entrepreneurs in the Midst – Written by Renny McPherson and Joe Flood.
Cover design and formatting by Jayel Draco. Editing and styling by Lynsey G.

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N2 - Entrepreneurs in the Midst - Book Cover by Jayel Draco
N2 – Entrepreneurs in the Midst – Book Cover by Jayel Draco.

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N2 - Entrepreneurs in The Midst | Book Cover“Everyone who plans to start a business should read this first. There are many books that celebrate entrepreneurial success after the fact. In Entrepreneurs in the Midst, 16 entrepreneurs bare their hearts to share their stories before the outcome is certain. That’s a brave thing to do and a gift to those who follow in their footsteps.”
—Frank Bonsal, cofounder, New Enterprise Associates (NEA)

“Renny and Joe avoid an oft-idealized account of entrepreneurship, instead providing an honest and realistic view of founders’ day-to-day struggles and triumphs. If you’re thinking about starting a company, read this book.”
—Clara Sieg, partner & founding member, Revolution Ventures

“Before you start your own struggle, read this book.”
—Louis Beryl, founder and CEO of Earnest

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We’re all really excited about this project as we’ve all put a lot into it. Renny and Joe have really poured tremendous effort into the creation of this book, which is a collection of fascinating stories sampled from various episodes of their podcast. Lynsey G and I focused on the production/publishing of the book. It’s been a really great experience for our soon-to-launch Oneshi Press, but that’s an announcement for another post.

Numbers and Narrative has been a great client of mine; in addition to designing the cover and formatting their book, I also designed their website, and produce, publish and run PR for their weekly podcast. The Numbers and Narrative podcasts cover stories from founders, creators, builders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs of all types, detailing their tribulations and victories on the road to success. Now available in print, eBook, and iBook!

Find out more about the book and get yourself a copy here: numbersandnarrative.com/entrepreneursBeam Divider by Jayel Draco

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