NomiNow! – A Klaus Nomi inspired Stop Motion Animation (WIP)


Klaus Nomi, an interdimensional extra-terrestrial entity came to earth to save the human race from certain destruction. It was Pastry Chef/Opera Singer Klaus Sperber in his early 30’s who brought Nomi to life. With his shocking falsetto soprano vaudevillian rock opera performances in the East Village of Manhattan, Klaus was making waves. It was the mid-70’s and eclectics arts performances were on the rise, even still. . . few where prepared for Nomi’s arrival. After less then a decade Klaus Nomi had made headlines the world over and was touring internationally. Nomi had nested a seat in pop-culture history and in the hearts of many. Tragically during his uprising Klaus Sperber passed away from complications of a condition which was not yet known as AIDS Klaus Sperber 1/24/1944 — 8/6/1983 With his passing from a misunderstood illness still early in his career, it seemed that Klaus Sperber may have been destined to become a footnote in the book of Rock History. Yet, things are not always as they seem. The memory of Klaus Sperber has been picking up steam as Klaus Nomi continues to find and inspire audiences through media sharing websites, books, and documentaries.  The recent surfacing of countless Klaus Nomi tribute projects is not only adding to this cause, but also evidence of its success. “Nomi Now!” is one of those tribute projects. This project was inspired by the spirit of intrepidly expressive, experimental art as well as the spirit of

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