Nomsalot the Goat

This Goat is for the kids 🙂

Nomsalot the Goat - pieces and compiled“Nomsalot the Goat” is a short cartoon/animation test by Jayel Draco featuring Nomsalot, the appetite driven goat on a brief but calamitous misadventure.

This piece is just a short little animation about a goat who eats everything in his path like goats so often do. Eventually he gets to the end of the scrolling background, where he tries to eat a flower but instead ends up tearing the cartoon lines off of the page and all of the colors melt away and go down the drain. Wow, cartoons are crazy!

This very short animation project was created to demonstrate a few animation techniques that Jayel employs in various tasks. Nomsalot the Goat uses a simple quadruped walk cycle created using vector warps, liquify, and puppet pining. The motion of the background uses a multi-tiered scrolling technique called parallaxing. A few fun object interactions also using vector warping, liquify, and puppet pinning; as well as as well tradition frame-by-frame animation and vector morphing. Pre-comp nesting was used for framing and composition. For most of the animation I used vector warp animation in after effects on graphics created in flash. I had fun throwing in a multi-layered liquify effect in the end shot, and played around with some text animation techniques.

Well, I hope you enjoy that little slice of silly.
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