Tracy’s Back

Tracy's BackTracy’s back, folks, and with your help she’ll be coming soon!

That’s right, Tracy’s back in the second of eight graphic novels that will take you on a journey unlike any other. Tracy Queen is a story about what it means to be human. It’s populated with nuanced characters that are idealistic and fight for what they believe in. The book has characters that are messy and struggle with knowing how to be, and even some characters that have turned their back on caring at all. It’s a rare and thought-provoking story that needs to be told, and we need your help to do it. The writing and illustration of Tracy Queen, Volume 2: Dangerous Experiments is finished, the book and supplemental art are all ready for printing. Turns out, printing is hecking expensive. So, we’re funding the print run with pre-orders via Kickstarter.

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Seasoned feminist writer Lynsey G’s over-the-top, gonzo, sci-fi epic about the eponymous Tracy Queen is all about championing the idea that a woman can be overtly sexual while still being a strong hero. Self-possessed sexuality doesn’t objectify someone, disrespectful assholes do.

Tracy Queen, Volume 1 was a smash hit, turning heads and activating thinking caps. Well, Tracy’s back and she’s better than ever in Tracy Queen, Volume 2: Dangerous Experiments now live on Kickstarter.

Sounds like it should be a shoe-in, right? So why do we need your help? Well, unfortunately, a lot of keywords here are flagged by algorithms as less than desirable. Talk about blood and guts all you want, friends will see your posts in their feed. Mention that your story is sexpositive, and only your closest friends will see it in their feed, if you’re lucky.  So we need organic expansion for this campaign. That means liking and commenting on our posts when you do see them, and sharing the heck out of them. As Tracy must battle the conventional mainstream forces of Dickie Doublefinger, we have our own fight, and it’s not entirely dissimilar.

Natasha Blue asks "what's in it for me?"So, why should you care that Tracy’s back?

The world needs more stories with nuanced and unique takes on fraught topics that are so rarely explored from a place of responsibility.

What’s better than knowing that you helped bring important art into the world? Getting great discounts on said art while doing so! By supporting our Kickstarter, you get amazing deals that far exceed the cost of supporting us. Dangerous Experiments is going to be epic, and every backer at every level will get a copy in digital and/or print. There are a ton of other rewards, too. Some even cross over into PACK, a comic book series by the creators of Tracy Queen, which takes place in the same world as Tracy Queen! If you pay close attention, you’ll see a few crossover Easter eggs hidden in both series…

Tracy's Back - reporter takes quotes about our heroTracy’s back. Hear what others have to say about it:

Tracy Queen is a fun, funny, sexually liberating, and empowering romp.”
 Wendy Browne, Women Write About Comics

Tracy Queen’s theme of empowerment through sexual liberation arrives at a time in society when discussions of sexual health and identities have never been louder. [It] combines disparate science fiction and fantasy elements with cheesecake imagery and frank discussions about s*x so smoothly that the story successfully manages to be funny, emotionally honest, and completely unique.”
— Nicholas Yanes, SciFi Pulse

“A sex-positive story that, more than anything, is about finding your identity and becoming comfortable with yourself. Tracy is expressive, and even at her most sexualized, she never feels like she’s being objectified. If you’re into indie comics and don’t mind a little s*x and a lot of weird shit, I definitely recommend giving Tracy Queen, Volume 1 a chance.”
— Brendan Hykes, Rogues Portal

Tracy Queen is a really fun comic. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it also doesn’t shy away from serious topics. The story of someone reinventing themselves and taking charge of their life through s*x work is really powerful.”
Jacey Chase, reader & comics creator

Tracy Queen is a story about one woman’s exploration of sexuality, self-love, and heroism whilst also navigating what it means to be human. Both the narrative and the artwork start a conversation about sexual empowerment, and in particular female sexuality, in a way that never feels gratuitous but always shows sensitivity and respect for the topic. For me, Tracy Queen is a story that heals, educates and entertains. It has made me laugh and cry, sometimes within moments of each other. This is a story that always needed to be told, and now its finally here.”
— Deus Nova, reader

Beam Divider - extra long - by Jayel Draco

Check out Smash Pages Q&A with Author Lynsey G. about Tracy QueenThe co-founder of Oneshi Press discusses the Kickstarter campaign for a second volume of ‘Tracy Queen.’

Lynsey G. has been working as a professional writer for years, but it’s only in the past few years that the writer and editor turned her eye to comics, writing work like Tracy Queen and Pack. In 2015 she and her partner Jayel Draco founded Oneshi Press, where Lynsey not only publishes her own work, but edits and publishes a semiannual anthology, which just released its ninth volume. ” -read more-

Beam Divider - extra long - by Jayel Draco

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