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Howdy, thanks so much for reading my blog. I’m sure there’s a good chance that if you’ve heard me talk, you’ve heard me talk about Children of Gaia (COG). You probably know how invested I am in the creation of this epic series. I want to jump right in and tell you about our next COG book, “War & Horses,” which is live on Kickstarter now. However, I realize that sometimes I neglect the basics, like what is this “COG” series about, anyway?

Children of Gaia is an epic series where ancient technologies, Eternal spirits, black powder, and fae clash. Empires expand, traversing the realm, and rebellions are formed in their wake. In this story of forces out of balance, an ensemble cast of characters have their own dangerous quests. Some have set out to return balance to the world, while other seek to exploit the lack of balance while clambering up the power ladder.

We tell the stories of COG across multiple genres and media. It has aspects of both sci-fi and fantasy, but also delves into horror and even romance. To start with, the story is told through lore-based art books which take the form of books written by characters within the story, as well as comics. Eventually we will be opening it up into novels and RPGs. Perhaps one day you’ll even be binge-watching it on your favorite streaming service.

SpoCon: Spokane Washington's Science Fiction and Fantasy convention talking about War & Horses

At SpoCon 2019 we answered the big questions:

“What is Children of Gaia?” “What is War & Horses?” “Are you trying to make any statements about the real world impacts of colonialism?” and “Are there cute characters in COG?”

Co-creators Chris Covelli and myself (Jayel Draco), along with co-writer, editor, and Oneshi Press co-founder Lynsey G were tabling at the SpoCon 2019 convention in Spokane, Washington. While there we hosted 40-minute panel discussion where we talked about the epic sci-fi fantasy series Children of Gaia. We discuss the ins and outs of the overall series and previously released projects as well as up-and-coming works. But, most importantly, we talk about the basics: “What is Children of Gaia?”

Grown Folkz Kids Show Podcast LogoAfter our panel, at SpoCon 2019 we also had the opportunity to be interviewed by The Grown Folkz Kids Show podcast about “War & Horses”!

“This is a live interview with comic book writers and illustrators Jayel Draco and Chris Covelli from Oneshi Press. The Gr8 Gunny, Jayel and Chris dig DEEP into Hollywood’s approach to making Sci-Fi movies. Are there any new stories left? Let’s hear more about this topic and their awesome Comic Series!

Like Free stuff?

For a taste of our first book, Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia, download the free .pdf sample, which includes the entire introduction chapter in all its illustrated glory.

“The Great Nations of Rendaraia is an art book both written and illustrated from the perspective of Jan’Ka’Zian, a character within the greater Children of Gaia reality. As an aspiring scholar, he traversed Rendaraia, visiting each of the Great Nations to study the countless tomes kept within their respective, vast libraries. After the Great Nations mysteriously fell, one by one, preserving their memory became his obsession. Detailed drawings and descriptions catalog their history, social structure, daily life, and culture. It is Jan’Ka’Zian’s solemn hope that perhaps, by preserving their memory in this book of art and text, he can shape the future for those who still have one. “

Oneshi Press - Children of Gaia: Great Nations of Rendaraia- Sample Banner link from War & Horses info blog
Click the image to learn about our FREE sample of COG: Great Nations

Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia is available to purchase in paperback or limited-edition signed and numbered hardcover. We only printed 50 of the hardcovers and have already sold most of them.

Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia now available

Which brings us to our next project: WAR & HORSES

Children of Gaia: War & Horses written by Peter Lampasona, Illustrated by Chris Covelli and Jayel Draco, edited by Lynsey G, and published by Oneshi Press

The Lowry Farm newspaper article from Children of Gaia: War & Horses
The Lowry Farm newspaper article from Children of Gaia: War & Horses

Deep in the dustbowl of the newly formed People’s Republic of Draven, the old aristocracy coexists with a new government in an uneasy peace that’s often broken by conflict. Famine and drought wrack the once-fertile region—and violence is a spark to dry grass. In the midst of the chaos walks a shadowy figure: the Triggerman. The only sure thing about him is that he leaves a trail of chaos in his wake. Following that trail is novelist and journalist Landon Ford, documenting the Triggerman’s exploits and digging for the truth of his identity. War and Horses is Ford’s work: a series of dime-store novels, popular in Rendaraia and Terra alike. But the Triggerman is very real—and his true purpose may become the story of Ford’s life.

BIG NEWS! COG: War & Horses Kickstarter Is Live!

Live now on Kickstarter!

Click HERE to check out our Kickstarter campaign for CHILDREN OF GAIA: WAR & HORSES.


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