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Since my last blog update in September of 08, much has come to pass in the way of creations as I’m sure you can imagine. Lately I’ve been too busy to keep up with my blog, which means I’ve had allot of blog content brewing. I’ll do my best to fill you in while keeping it brief.

Animated “Salar Inc. Software Demo” Premiere:

Salar - TeamNotes - Logo by Jayel DracoThe Salar Inc. Demo project was a work for hire CGI demo animation. I did the graphics and animation solo from beginning to end on this project which is viewable on their website at, salarinc.com/demo.

Salar Inc. is a medical software design company which has transformed traditional paper clinical documentation into electronic “smart” paper. Their software allows physicians to make their documentation directly in electronic format which instantaneously communicates to all systems within the hospitals network greatly expediting communication required for patient care.  The purpose of this demo was to show potential clients (hospitals) how Salar’s software will improve the quality of their treatment,  staff work flow, and financial management by improving the efficiency of their documentation and inter-department communication.

Animating “The Astonishing X-Men” motion comic:

Astonishing X-Men - Rise Up - Music VideoSince my last blog update, I have been subcontracted by the renowned Comic Book Artist Neal Adams’ of Continuity Studios to work on “The Astonishing X-Men” motion Comic as an animator. Below you can watch the teaser:

Zombie Fu Remastered 2008:

A remastered high quality HD render of “Zombie Fu” has been uploaded to both the video section of jayeldraco.com’s Video Section as well my Youtube Channel. Watch “Zombie Fu Remastered” below.

Music Video for Neal Halstead’s “Elevenses”:

Neil Halstead - singing and playing guitar in the "Elevenses" music videoThe assignment for this video was commissioned in response to a treatment written by Director Christopher Piazza for 99dollarmusicvideos.com. Their practice consists of granting selected production teams a 99 dollar budget and 24 hours to make the best video they can. As you can imagine it’s quite a burly proposal requiring quick thinking, creative on-the-fly problem solving, and impeccable action from everyone on the production team.

My role on this production was diverse as where each of the three crew members roles. I was essentially a one man art department and special effects tech. I made the costume for the hero character. I played the hero character for part of the video, was an extra for another chunk of the video.  Supervised the shoot for post effects, and created the post-production special effects.

The Official Behind the Scenes footage is scheduled to premiere April 28th, and the video premiere is scheduled for April 30th at 99dollarmusicvideos.com. After the official premiere, the video will be added to my Video Section here, as well as Director Christopher Piazza’s website www.panopticonnyc.com, which I designed.

Updates to websites designed by Jayel Draco:

Over the past few moths I’ve updated a few of the websites that I’ve designed including:

“Nomi Now!” off the back burner:

Production has recommenced on the “Nomi Now!” musical animation short project. “Nomi Now!” is an ambitious multimedia audio/visual collaborative project designed and engineered by Jayel Draco. Featuring many different creations of many types, the latest on this project has yet to be posted to the WIP website: www.gettingtonomi.com, however you can see past updates there if you haven’t already.

"Nomi Now!" Animation Still

-The song tracks by Jigsaw Soul, Jack Schell, and Jeff Saphin, have all been recorded and are in queue for mastering by Matt Geldoff of  nysoundmixer.com. The Animatic is complete with much of the final animation almost complete.
-Once the audio is finalized, the lip sync animation by Corinne Alexis Hall of lovenico.net, will be added to the stop-motion animation.
-Video footage (which currently stands on an open schedule to be directed and shot by Christopher Piazza of www.panopticonnyc.com) will be added to the CGI which is being done by Christopher Covelli of kylevargas.net.

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